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Welcome to Bootstap Email! Happy to see you here :)

Bootstrap Email is a Bootstrap 4 stylesheet, compiler, and inliner for responsive and consistent emails with the Bootstrap syntax you know and love.

So how does it work?

Bootstrap Email works by taking HTML marked up with supported Bootstrap classes and compiles it down into <table> tags and inlines styles that are required to get HTML emails looking nice across all email clients. There are lots of tricks it uses to allow flexible markup and leave the hard part to the library.

Why this library?

Bootstrap Email uses an approach to email that feels like writing normal HTML. Some libraries use some sort of custom XML type templating, but the issue with that is you can’t apply lot’s of classes to a single element. This is an example of what you can do and why it is so powerful.

<a class="w-100 w-lg-50 mx-auto btn btn-primary" href="https://bootstrapemail.com">Tada</a>


Contributions are not only welcome, they are encouraged. This project is big and exciting and I need your help to continue to grow and build this.

Have an issue to report?! Awesome report it here!

Another way you can help and show your support is giving this project a star on the GitHub Page. This is me giving it it’s first star, look how cute that little guy is! (hopefully, we will get more than just the one…)